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MARTIN LOGOThe German company MARTIN is a leading manufacturer of precision woodworking equipment, which includes drills, planers, shapers and saws. The firm focuses constantly on innovation and has a well developed apprenticeship scheme to ensure high staff skill levels. Used MARTIN table saws, planers and others are very popular in the second hand market sue to their high quality and durability working long hours. Get a used MARTIN planer for your business and start saving money.

Maschinenbau GmbH  from Bavaria since 1922

Otto MARTIN Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of woodworking machinery. The company was founded in 1922 by Otto Martin in the town of Ottobeuren, when the founder was only 20 years old. Since then, MARTIN has become synonymous with high quality, reliable woodworking machinery and has achieved some world-firsts. For example, MARTIN pioneered the production of sliding saw tables with tilting blades, allowing for much more precise woodworking techniques. The firm also introduced the first scoring saw which had three different axes that could be electrically adjusted. After 1922, the company experimented with tractor production, but settled into its role as a manufacturer of high quality woodworking machinery in the 1950s. 1959 saw the company begin exporting to the United States, a sign of the prestige attached to its machinery worldwide. During the 1960s, MARTIN continually innovated, creating labour-saving and life-saving new features such as wear-free DC brakes for its machines. In the 1970s, the company began investing heavily in the future of its workforce, starting an apprenticeship academy in 1971 which, by 2002, had graduated 300 workers. Almost every year since 1970, Otto MARTIN Maschinenbau has introduced new variations on its core models of shapers, saws, planers and drills, making them ever more usable and safer.

MARTIN Machine claims to have created one of the most modern and efficient production facilities at its Bavarian headquarters, and carries out all of its production within Germany, which allows the firm to maintain a high degree of quality control. The apprenticeship scheme started in the 1970s has ensured that the 145 employees of MARTIN possess high levels of skill, and that the future of he company is secure. Despite their focus on Germany for production, MARTIN operate across the world, exporting to every continent and are able to provide customer support to clients wherever they are based.

MARTIN T45 planer
MARTIN T45 planer
MARTIN T60 sliding table saw
MARTIN T60 sliding table saw
MARTIN TD021N line boring machine
MARTIN TD021N line boring machine

Otto MARTIN Maschinenbau Products Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by MARTIN includes:

  • Sliding table saws (Basic-line, entry level and premium classes)
  • Surface planers
  • Combination surfacing and thicknessing machines
  • Shapers
  • Line boring machines
  • Slot mortisers/dowel boring machines

MARTIN machine's product range is designed to be used by clients in the woodworking sector. This may include boat builders, makers of windows and doors or furniture manufacturers. The construction sector are major purchasers, but anyone who requires complex, precision woodworking services would be a suitable customer.